Is Space, Really, the Place?

11 11 2009




Summer 2009

All living things have a direction in life. We are simply the ‘moving observer.’ Simultaneously, we may sometimes be aware of the sense of being stared at. It is at times when we feel thrown out into a formless channel that we are in a morphic field of shape shifting amoebas that are constantly sending out projections of itself into the surrounding world that we all feed off of. These proteus bodies around us and our own concept of self are sentient beings within the realm of the cosmological pool. The propagation of biological life, ideas, sounds, science and art bring together (or ‘more out there,’ however you like to see it) a universal harmonizing pathway where every planet, star, and galaxy cluster align together onto one plane. No space or time here. Now sit back, fill in that bubble of consciousness, and feel your mind expand out towards its true location of existence and back to concentrating onto its physically engaging form.

Globular is Fuji and Andy Hess, the operators of Sarasota label Warded Halls. I had a great time touring with them last summer and getting spaced out during their sets, which brought to mind some kind of resurrection of electronic kraut rock (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, Cluster) with other hypnotic driven styles such as the minimal synthwavers of the 80’s. This is probably because of the use of earlier synthesizers and also the timeless sound of space-rock music in general. My favorite moments off this album (headphones being the key to it all on this listen): The shining stellar introduction, the part where drums start kicking in like a dieing pulsar on the 3rd track, and Andy’s nonchalant singing at the event horizon. There’s even a moment of mom interruption within this space voyage that calls upon afternoon chores that doesn’t stop this duo from still recording during a brutal removal of floor tiles. Einstürzende Neubauten and moms alike would be proud.





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