Room of Terror

13 11 2009

For S2K:

Be sure to full screen this, watch late at night, and with every light turned off! If this meat grinded film is a little too much for some, there will be a video post tomorrow of something a bit more lighthearted.



2 responses

15 11 2009

Thanks for posting this, once armed with the ammunition on who did this fractured flick I went out and hunted down some more. I think this is what memories must look like inside your head, well, at least in my head. The audio tracks were a pleasant surprise to boot.

15 11 2009

yeah totally, I showed this to my friends one night and the sounds of terror along with the cut up film definitely shook them. And yes, my memories could quite have the same affect. btw Roofless said some nice words and a great description of your tape on his blog

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