Horror Head

15 11 2009

Afrika Bambaataa – Looking for the Perfect Beat

Here’s part 2 of the video post. If anyone is wondering, I used a program called keepvid that is able to save audio and video from most sites. I’d like to put together some sort of shoegazering/dreamscape video mix sometime, but for now, here’s this! Good variety of soft movements and some intense flashing ones, both head inducing in their own way.


Video List:

Afrika Baambaataa – Looking For the Perfect Beat
Dam-Funk – Toeachizown
Dam-Funk x Outrun
Crash Course in Science – Cardboard Lamb
Lightning Bolt – Monster’s Choice
Jacob Ciocci – Peace Tape
Broadcast – America’s Boy
Machinedrum – Fresh Kids
Curve – Horror Head
Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum
Computer Vision
Salvo Beta/Melt Banana – Alpha Boost Mix
Problem Solvers – Dewey’s Bike Ride
Jonzun Crew – Old School Poppin
Lightning Bolt nerds
The Normals – TVOD

Salvo Beta/Melt-Banana (<<<I’m seeing them tomorrow!) – Alpha Boost




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