Show at the Parallel Universe

19 11 2009

-AO, photo by Stephanie Sanders

Where to begin?

I found out earlier on this day
that love travels great distances
and on this coast in the company of two illuminating lovers
and the presence of someone of my own blood,
we were already on our path to travel as one sentiment moving being
as night falls across the western shores,
we returned to an inter-dimensional room
where an age old ritualistic partaking took place
the closest one can get to touching the fabric of gods
the throbbing sounds of the gang gang dance pulse us
and when the time was right, it was right to start the night
my friend, a boy, a scientist, a mystic; gathered his fly-ins
and together built up a drone to a wave
it put me in an age old daze, but before I could allow myself to drown
I was given a transcendent cue to shed off and fly from water

I was not quite prepared for the “task” I had at hand
as I approached my equipment it had vanished
I had to wrap myself together before I lost it all
and through a mess of wires and some given time
I found the light and it found me
plugged in, turned on, sound waves set,
the sounds of the shrine of infinity
both harsh and harmonious filled the room
was it me playing this machine,
or was it the machine operating me?
all I could comprehend was that a blender was in motion
as the ghost in the synth pulled me in and out
ok ok, it’s time to end it (for now)

I closed off and fell back to the floor
and the hand of a cousin picked me up
and told me how this channeling felt for him,
“it all came together, everything, the beginning and the ending have crossed each other
this is the story of our youth colliding with our coming age,
and forever always will be these paths be,
sliding side by side of memories and dreams to come”

Staring into the spores of spiraling moss,
I saw the hanging onto life to be something quite beautiful
and as the evening continued the intervals did as well
of sparkling starry skies, oceans of reflections,
finding new love and tapping into cosmic pleasure,
I found out that everything between is together after all
Every plant, planet and plane of existence




3 responses

19 11 2009

I think I’ve seen the picture in the middle at an Applebee’s.

19 11 2009

shhhh shhhh you’re revealing the secret

20 11 2009

yeeeeaaaa dddawwwww

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