Community Death Tube

20 11 2009



FEB 2009

Released by NIGHT PEOPLE

Wow, words cannot express not only how good this album is, but also how stoked I am to see Carlos Gonzalez’s creative output to finally become recognized at a bigger scale. Labels have been coming up to him for awhile now asking him to record for vinyl releases, this one, Night People, being the label that the now defunct band Raccoo-oo-oon runs. He’s been brewing his lo-fi, impertinent sound for quite some time (in a number of forms since I’ve seen him in high-school in 2003), and it’s just really cool that he’s been getting some unexpected recognition for his work, because this man certainly deserves it for what he puts through.

Russian Tsarlag was in a number of bands during his youth in Tampa, Fl, some being The J.F.K.’s, VCRS for Hitler, the dark punk brood force Byron House, and up into Russian Tsarcasm which became to be the better known project of recently after moving to Providence, Rd Island. You can find some of these early works on Cephia’s Treat’s page here, also being the label that 1st saw Carlos’ work to be quite beautiful even underneath all of that dark lyricism and pop dirge. As far as how Community Death Tube sounds, I’d like to leave it to this reviewer (among many I found searching!) who pretty much nailed this baby very well. Or you can listen to it yourself. The album already sold out, but just some advice, if you hear about a new Tsarlag vinyl/tape/split, get it and get it fast!


“We’ve gotta find a way to expel these feelings, or at least come to terms with them”         -RT




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20 11 2009

great album

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