The Figurehead

21 11 2009

-Fall 2008

I remember reading somewhere about The Cure’s ‘Pornography’ that Robert Smith, during his many drug disillusions, had a skull in his room that he talked and confessed to. Well, whatever was going on between him and the skull, ‘Pornography’ I feel has always been the best Cure album and one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s pretty much what I’d imagine the sounds of the end of the world to be, or better yet, to be a ghost witnessing the aftermath of the end of the world.




4 responses

21 11 2009

If Robert Smith actually talked to a skull while drugged up, that is the most gothic thing ever!

21 11 2009

yeah dude, I must say. If you read about their recording sessions during those days, Robert Smith will say that he doesn’t remember recording the album at all and but he knew it was in a gothic church (the one in the video for Charlotte Sometimes) and that they were constantly drunk/on mushrooms and stayed up all night.

22 11 2009

The technique is not for little kids, but that’s a unique work-flow.
Not everyone can create a masterpiece while their mind is in a primitive state.

Btw.Finally talked to Edwin.We should all collaborate one of these days.

22 11 2009

Right on, let’s do it. Music video perhaps?

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