The Fas’ners

22 11 2009

The Fas’ners is Brandon Poplin’s pre-Pro Bro Gold solo project. Unlike Pro Bro, this project was less dancey and more for the mind, I felt, as the keyboard lines brought you along through a planetary journey, and no drum machines here either, just melodies. I believe he was based more in Sarasota at the time while he played these electronic epochs but I could be wrong. I lucked out big time by receiving one of the last Fas’ners/The Wurst tapes that Roofless Records released out, and apparently there’s a pretty good story behind the scenes on this live release (makes me wish Fuji and I recorded our live set described from the ‘Show at the Parallel Universe’ post.) Both sides are alienating in their own ways and forms, and I feel the Fas’ners live set has made me want to actually leave my drum machine home and just rethink how to approach to playing the synth next time for a show.

-The Fas’ners/The Würst split

I remember being in the back seat of my friend’s car driving through late night and hearing the splashes of synth sounds from the song below. I asked, “OMG you have to tell me what industrial dance band this is…. this is on Wax Trax right?” only to get a response “No, I don’t know what Wax Trax is, I’m not sure if this is really industrial dance and this is Brandon Poplin of Byron House’s band Fas’ners.” I was amazed because I wasn’t too aware of much local electronic music in Tampa at the time (2005) until I later on found out about E.N., Skeleton Warrior, Limplungs, emBARD, and the incarnating Then and Than.

He’s been blowing my mind into new worlds ever since. Thanks Brandon for being one of the inspirations I was looking for! Here’s two more tracks that are on Cephia’s right here, and look out for their release of the Fas’ners discography album soon!





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