The Journey + You!

24 11 2009

***new blog to check out: Deeyay’s DEAD DRONE***

Alright, so I got a couple more downloads to share this week that I’ve been meaning to post for this month. In case anyone was aware, I’ve been posting ‘Sarasota + Other’ related music projects as of lately. Sooooo…. to keep up with the drill, you should check out Lazy Magnet’s blog Adventure Hippies for new material by Providence RI’s SHV, Maine’s Caethua, and Ant Parade. The best things come in threes, which is why I’m posting the 2nd of 3 Deluxin’ albums on here. If you don’t want to wait for the third you should know what to do.

-Deluxin, photo from Emily Quirk 2009



Talk about colossal youth! Nathan spent his early days kicking out the jams and recorded this baby fresh into high-school.  I’d say compared to the mid to recent versions of Deluxin’, this may very well be the dirtiest rock version of it, and I love every raw bit of it. Call your mom for a ride back home if you can’t handle the party. The evolution of punk from proto to post can be traced throughout, with equal parts MC5, The Fugs, The Fall, Swell Maps and other herky jerky, cacophonous art punks that could  never settle on one style. Pop songs like ‘Leather + Celebration” shimmer with good vibes only to be followed by collaged, disembodied voices buried in crackling sounds in ‘#2 Combo + Acid.’ My favorite track is definitely ‘Brick Robot – The Bible,’ in which the song itself shifts from highs to lows only to lead into pure cynicism in ‘Zeba + Paton.’ Some songs have different versions on this CDR as well, so there’s something for both the bedroom pop lovers and the ones that somehow always find themselves in a live bar fight. So, whether you want to heal that gash in your head or receive another, take the journey next time with Deluxin.





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