Things Are Getting Molecular

25 11 2009

-Evan Neal – Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees, video by Fuji

Here’s a video my friend Fuji made for a track off of Evan Neal’s upcoming cassette. Evan was the drummer of Sarasota’s Pharaoh Faucett and this will be one of the 1st releases off the new Sarasota based label Warded Halls. Andy and mine’s split ‘Altered Streets’ will follow shortly as well as the 1st Cyber-Swarm album on cassette. I’m excited about this particular upcoming release of quirky pop with some deep vocalization that brings to mind (sorry for the habits of name dropping lately) bedroom electronic artist John Bender. As far as the video goes, I love how the beginning appears to be nothing but sporadic atoms but with a closer look the structure is actually an infinite group of molecular astronauts exploring the deepest parts of their surroundings as one consciously expanding cyclone. I hope he keeps making more videos in the future, and more info on these release dates will soon be posted!




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