Pharaoh Faucett and Suicide

26 11 2009

-Pharaoh Faucett playing in Tampa

“It came from the backyard” or “features from the black lagoon.” Pharaoh Faucett was an otherworldy band I heard about quite often when Sarasota and Tampa started to blend together a bit but I never had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. They have disbanded but are all still involved with projects; Evan as I mentioned before has gone Han solo and plays drums in Skunk Ape, Nicky plays in Stead and his Larson and a minimal pop solo project, and Jasmine has done work with Skeleton Warrior which has rubbed off into her current darkwave dance project Diamond Hymen. It’s good to know that there is more to Sarasota then just beaches and neo-hippies, and songs off PF’s space like ‘dukcaress’ are pulsing with abrasive no-waving of some long gone cave dwelling tribe. If only the people of ancient lore knew how to record their equipment, we’d have a comp of spanned dark eras worth made in no time.




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