Sea Music

27 11 2009

-photo by Alex Gaesser



A little something for you guys once you’re back to home base. I woke up a bit on the edge after a party last night into a gorgeous cooled down afternoon, so I thought it was appropriate to post the 3rd Deluxin’ album of similar feel. If you’ve already checked out the B/W album, then you may recognize new acoustic renditions of a couple songs that get down like the lost boys of Neverland. A couple of psyche-outs wash onto shore at times too which are some of my favorite moments on this release. So, if you got this, THIS, and that (before Deluxin’), you are up to date with the Deluxin’ legacy in which there’s certainly more jams of the moving journey to come. Also Nathan’s new project called Rain will be coming along the skies just in time for the season of dry coldness, with a split with Deeyay to form.


-Dude Cruz (Sean Collins/Nathan Vasquez of Deluxin’ and John Adam’s/Chrom’s band)

-Dude Cruz – Pig City Nights



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