December Is…

1 12 2009

Tampa Month! Here’s what will be released from the vaults:

The 12 Days of Tampa – 12 Bands that I feel have really pushed the limits and represented my home town by banning together, getting shows together, touring out and releasing music that I’m really thankful to of been able to hear and know by chance.


Downloads – a couple of out of print albums, songs and comps made by Tampa musicians that are allowing me to share on this blog.

Art – I don’t always notice until I look at the big picture, but a lot of my friends do some incredible art that doesn’t always make it to the art gallery but nevertheless that doesn’t mean shit to me, I love it.

Videos – you saw it coming. Youtube hunting galore of some past events and some even recent.

Miscellaneous – we’ll see how this goes.

start making your wishlist

-Uh Oh Spades playing at an Electronic Subsouth event, vid taken by Alex Gaesser




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