Limp Lungs

2 12 2009

To kick things off, here’s some videos of Tampa electronic musician Limp Lungs from a couple years ago. I haven’t seen her play recently, but hopefully she will again soon.

-Limp Lungs playing at the Amphitheater, video by Ted Records

-playing @  Cinema Sounds, video by MAHXONE

-song ‘We Are Contagious;’ this song and video are absolutely spellbinding, it makes me imagine what an alien observer crew would look like shining search lights upon a dead planet but finding and gathering around some important artifact

video by Watchtheseflickers



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2 12 2009

Got to see LimpLungs play out quite a few times and her sets were always perfection. A nice little stack of releases emerged over the years too and word is there is a new tape out soon.

3 12 2009

ah man, yeah I’ve only heard her split with Fasners but seen her live a few times before espcecially during the Tampa AMPhitheatre days. I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for that tape

3 12 2009
ant parade

Cindy rules!

Scott, do you have “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite”, the tape that “We are Contagious” comes from? So awesome.

4 12 2009

no I actually don’t, I hope there’s some copies left or at least a copy to listen to!

9 12 2009

any and all limplungs is perfect, but here’s a story:

spring 2006, two k records affiliated indie-rock bands play in the center of campus at new college of florida. there must have been something astral going on that night because there were three other events planned for the same space at the same time. everyone decided to just go with it and let people lose their minds trying to figure out what to do. so dodgeball bled into this indie-rock show which bled into a bbq which bled into this jazz jam funk fusion band. after the indie-rock bands, during the bbq and before the hippies, limplungs strapped on the mask and, for a few minutes, made everyone think the sound system was sinking to the bottom. the bottom of what exactly i don’t know, but the confusion was palatable and true heads writhed in bliss.

9 12 2009

haha man that’s awesome. New College kids are generally funny.”Am I… ‘supposed’ to like this? Ummm, I’m going back to my dorm to put more body paint on and take a bong rip and maybe I’ll decide again.”

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