2nd D.O.T. – M[L]U

6 12 2009

(I made a Vimeo channel for Tampa musicians that I’m using to help me post this month if you want to peek and find anything to add to it)

-M[L]U tearing apart the fabric of your mind and soul at Transitions Art Gallery 2008, taken by Alex Gaesser

To get a bit chronological, it wasn’t that far away of a time that the hellpunk band M[L]U started to form under the purgatory blessings of Byron House and Yukhonic. Sean and Josh were two dudes that I got to know in high-school and I’ve always known them to be hugely intimate with the creative process of music, getting involved with other bands, and simply put, being at all times active. There’s only so much one can do in their lives, so sometimes you just have to get with it and do; not constantly consume. Thus M[L]U was born under this integrity and gave Tampa a new local kick that only got stronger from the mid-2000’s and up until now. Their 1st stage was downright really fast and really brutal, like hardcore thrash with no vocals. I thought it was pretty cool, especially since at the time I’ve caught their sets at the Tampa skatepark where mostly generic pompous indie bands played, so it served as a nice change and wake up call. They also played together in the post-hardcore band Windshield Death Threat Procedure during these early years too where Sean’s guitar playing got a bit more Peter Hook sounding and Josh’s drumming style I’ve always felt had a lot of 90’s mathrock/Steve Albini influence from this point on. But this was just their beginning, and as Sean and Josh spent other time arranging other projects with the Tampa gang (Odem Press, Parts and Pieces, $ugar $hock), they had new approaches up their sleeves everytime they’ve come back to return to Heinrich’s Workshop for new material to weave.

-playing at Mars Gas, Providence, RI 2009

2007: The year I definitely started to pay more attention to my surroundings. Sean and I became best friends from some notorious music bonding hang outs during the Apt #101 days and I felt like I understood the reasons of creating art and music a lot better and how it creates fields of energy that grow along with other morphic fields while leaving out the weeds and dead grassed people that drag you down with it. And at this stage M[L]U accelerated to a more focused song writing structure that was powered by repetition, unique drum patterns and the addition of vocals. I may not always be able to hear what Sean is saying, but somehow I feel that I can relate, you know? It’s like expelling evil spirits starting from the inside out, and this exorcism was more evident during their last months in Tampa.

-INC 2009, video by Breathmint

Before fully moving to Nashville, they recorded a tour album that said goodbye/thank you to Tampa and a hello to new northern grounds. Things got a bit more gothic, more reality distorting pedals were present, and the world was and never will be the same again for M[L]U. If there was one thing that remained the same for this ever changing/progressing duo, it’s always been LOUD. I’ve also heard that with the accession of Jeremy Harris from Lazy Magnet playing bass, they’ve been compared to The Birthday Party and the sonic assault of My Bloody Valentine from their recent sets. Anyways, check out the download below that was recorded during the Lazy Magnet/M[L]U tour (spider linked from their record label’s site Stay Away From Ghosts), and songs Free Barf, Overdrive and New College have been previously posted on this site’s dark archive.


and for the Orlando readers if any:



2 responses

6 12 2009

The first MLU video you have up is sick!

6 12 2009

I know; Josh and Sean were corpses carried to their instruments to be resurrected for their entrance and Brandon Poplin (since he couldn’t show up to play that night) made a video for the skatepark in the background. Overall, it was just really fucking great to be there. They were already getting really good at that point

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