3rd D.O.T. – Haves & Thirds

8 12 2009

-H&T, 2004

Tampa’s experimental scene would not be the same if it wasn’t for the input and output of its local label Cephia’s Treat, which has existed within the dark shadows of Florida from the mid 90’s to this day. Most of the styles on its repertoire are far from what people want to call “noise,” as there’s some really shimmering constructed sounds to offer here. Listening to their compilations is like engaging the dream you’ve always wanted to have, with a couple hard hitting falls at times only to be uplifted from jagged landscapes to orbit around distant breathing planets, floating and imagining what’s evolving below. With evolution in mind, Haves and Thirds has slowly formulated his own aesthetic sound that interlaces ethereal beauty with some head bopping hip hop samples. Best of both worlds of late 80’s/early 90’s well executed into one.

I requested from Todd himself if he could share some H&T’s tracks on here, since there’s still people I know around Florida and even Tampa that have missed out on something beautiful from beneath palm trees and scorching sun. Within 4 days of the e-mail, he compiled a mix spanning ten years of this project (and another special treat…) that appeared in my mail box from thin air. I listened to it immediately and was overwhelmed by how powerful simplicity can be, very insular and glowing. It’s great for inducing night listens, especially near water and skylines.

-live at Yes Yes 2005, video by Breathmint

Thanks again to Todd for these songs and all that he’s done for the widely overlooked Florida. Here’s the track list and his descriptions on these releases:

Track Listing

01>Dreams Are For Suckas
02>They Live A Life That’s 2 Short
03>What You Think
04>Plan It So That It Is Able To Be Dug
06>Turn This And Take Off
07>It’s Damage To Your Brain
08>Balls To The Rhyme
09>Red Dionne
10>River’s Run Raw
11>The Doctor Said “Time’s Up”




01>From “Believe What You Want But Don’t Believe It Here”
This was one of my first ‘big’ songs in which I tried to pull out all the stops. Big mopey keyboards, sad guitar riffs, misleadingly depressing samples, real drums,etc. Definitely my Cure-Disentigration-era song.

02>From “Believe What You Want But Don’t Believe It Here”
Recorded live on the Cramped Quarters Tour at our Brooklyn stop hosted by Free103 radio. Probably my favorite set of that tour. The beat is so easy to play guitar to and everybody recognizes the sample.

03>From “You Told Me You Were Combing Your Hair”

Keeping with my covers of D.C. harDCore per album rule, The Faith was next in line. All those bands had a huge impact on my brother and I and I think it’s funny to give them the ‘treatment.’

04>From “You Told Me You Were Combing Your Hair”
This was recorded live at the now defunct Trapper Keeper in Orlando at a pretty memorable show. What’s Yr Damage? played too and that was the first time most of us met them in person. But the real glamour came by way of The Hepatitis Youth who proceeded to ‘ruin’ the show for the bands who hadn’t played yet. Picture crust punks pulling stun guns out and Tampa heading for Denny’s.

05>From “Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young”

I drifted for a second on my covers rule and paid tribute to my favorite band of all time, The Oals. It does seem wrong to use an Ice-T beat though. Just wrong.

06>From “Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young”
The Single Carbon Based Lifeform Tour met some pretty bad shows and people but we all had some fun and played good sets. This song is from the first stop in Seattle and so began our short and sour relationship with Slim Moon. He’s a  huge jerk and the west coast, aside from L.A., was definitely not feeling The Hood.

07>From “Farewell And Audieu My Fair Spanish Lady”
I had always loved the ‘blood in my underwear’ line from the movie so it made sense to add Brain Damage to my repertoire. The beat was ripe for the pickin’ too with wide open breaks and a quick tempo. The fact that the voice being sampled is Zacherley is a huge plus too.

08>From “Crabs, Charisma” split with T-func
A good set in Charleston when I played a couple of dates with Byron House on their tour. Probably the best I’ve ever gotten everything to line up in this song: the little chime is in tune with the guitar, the beat is loud, samples are audible, hood was on tight, a good night. I bought a copy of National Lampoon’s Vacation on LP that night so nothing could stop me.

09>From “Calumet Student Body” split with E.N.
Probably my proudest sampler moment.  Getting the music loop just perfect, finally getting to use Red Dawn, and patting myself on the back for the most clever song title mash up ever. There was a 45min version of this on a tour-only CDR and someone told me that it made him drift when he drove one time and he almost went off the road.

From a recent set at Cafe Hey on August 22, 2009. Really love this beat but River’s Edge is so full of quotables that I had to stick to Crispin’s lines so another song based on the movie is in the works. I’ve got to bleed ‘em dry.

Recorded July of 2009 and kinda shows my ‘more keyboard’ direction lately. Been trying to use them in every song now and live at shows. Just figured there was no sense in them just sitting around not getting used.


-set at Branch Ranch Pervert Pit, Tampa Fl 2009

-set at Castle Puppy, New Brunswick NJ 2007



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8 12 2009

Haves& Thirds – Here’s a little known secret, he only wears the hood as an attempt to protect himself from his own flatulence, which is actually deadlier and heavier than any of the way mad crazy beats he puts out. I’m going to pay for that one for sure.

8 12 2009

Whoever smelt it, felt it.

9 12 2009

“Come on baby, lets cuddle.” (pops in H&T’s tape into tapedeck)

10 12 2009

Someone said Trapper Keeper.

10 12 2009

this made me feel real happiness

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