4th D.O.T. – E.N.

10 12 2009

I’m just going to go ahead and say this… I’ve lived in Florida all of my life, went to some really great shows, especially of the electronic kind. But out of all of that, even out of my own friends that I feel are remarkably unique and talented, E.N. has made the best electronic music I’ve ever heard come out of Florida. Not only that, but minimal synth and chilly ambient sounds happen to be my favorite styles, so his albums are frequently put on, especially the mood bending ‘You Will Be Outdated Soon.’ This guy knows his equipment and what he wants to do with it, like some sort psychic entity controlling a large mass of machines.

E.N. is simply Ian Lynn, a brilliant dude who I’ve never got the chance to know, but besides listening to his music, I’ve heard of nothing but nice things about him and his presence. Another big staple in not only Cephia’s Treat’s legacy but Tampa’s own metamorphic youth that were touched by these electrified sounds that I feel has opened a gate of new ideas to be explored in the electronic, synth-scape realm. Todd once again blew my mind with this one, as this is not only a great introduction to the E.N. sound, but also includes two unreleased tracks that some might of not even heard yet (one’s actually a really catchy pop song!). I agree with his description on the song ‘Arcanum,’ it’s pretty much one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, like some sort of being trying to escape an atomic explosion to find itself on somewhere much different and placid. This music will always live on with those who feel inspired by it, and that’s important for what most art and music’s functions are besides creating that outlet for yourself.

Compiled and shared by Todd (much much thank you!). Here’s his words for his brother’s project, and if you haven’t done so already…. you HAVE to get the ‘You Will Be Outdated Soon’ album while they last at Cephia’s. It’s essential and will make your days a lot better.

Track Listing:

01>S.O.N.A.R. Has It’s Day
03>Deep In The Aphotic Zone
04>Van de Graff /A Few Feet Away
05>No Metal
06>Down Syndrome
07>Miss South Pacific
08>Barely Distant
09>Wits For The Inferior
10>Might Makes Right
11>No Choice, You Had Your Chance


01>From “You Can Be Replaced”
This was his first song using a four-track and right off the bat you can tell that there is something great brewing in this highschooler’s brain. The title/idea is a rare example of a more hopeful vibe. This and ‘PT-1’ (from “You Will be Outdated Soon”) are a nice pair of underdogs-will-triumph songs.
02>From “You Can be Replaced”
In my Top 5. I was always amazed at how many great parts some of the songs would have. This one is just beautiful and sounds like it took years to make. Just a note though, a lot of his songs are recorded live with just the vocals overdubbed. You can tell when there are little ‘holds.’ That’s when he is adjusting other stuff for the next move.
03>From a self-released version of “You Can Be Replaced”
There are mountains of songs from the early years, very busy guy. The drum machine reared it’s head a little later so on a majority of them ‘atmosphere’ dominates. I think just about every kind of terrain was covered: oceans, temperate zones, the tropics, post-apocalypse, deserts, you name it.
04>From a self-released version of “You Can Be Replaced”
The guy has a knack for pulling a ‘ditty’ from out of nowhere through one note. When it crawls out and makes you nod your head, you’ve lost. The first workstation-type synth we got was the CZ500 and it was tirelessly used for hours on end, songs on end.
05>From “You Will Be Outdated Soon”
Make no mistake, Metal is always a target. We grew up hating it, continue to hate it and there is a planned ‘No Metal’ boxset for sometime in the future. This song is an example of one of his ‘SK’ songs in which the majority, if not all, of the song is comprised of this little keyboard and the magic of 4-tracking.
06>From “You Will Be Outdated Soon”
This style is the one most often played out at shows over the years. He’d show up with his head wrapped in aluminum foil, open up a little suitcase, bundle some cables through a little keyboard and drum machine, and get everyone bopping to pure apathy.
07>From “They Gave You A Name?”
I can attest to a nice sized collection of ‘Hawaiian Music’ records that were put through through the wringer over the years. Using his secret technique he was able to isolate the eerie warble present throughout those albums and show you just how oddly cool that stuff can be.
08>From “They Gave You A Name?”
The previously mentioned technique of creating his style skips is classically represented here. I was always baffled at how he made the record needle bounce and slide all over the place and seamlessly fall right back into place. This song is strictly one record, one record player and a little reverb all put live to tape.
09>From “advanceEnt/accidENt/era” split with emBard
I usually listen to this song over and over a few times in a sitting just for the little keyboard solo at the 30 second mark. He’s the king of that shit. Obsession with Vince Clark is further reinforced.
An oldie, probably an out take from ‘You Can Be Replaced’ and definitely one of the creepers. There are a few tunes floating around in the racks that are in a similar vein. Just lays some pretty loops under a down-pitched and long-winded religious sermon and strikes gold.
Mid-era song featuring the classic ARP ‘whine’ that he likes to use a lot. One of the last songs recorded using the prized Rhythm 55 before it suffered water damage. There aren’t many E.N. songs that are 8-tracked (this being one) and you can hear a difference in style when they are. Most have an big yet unfinished sound since there are only 2-3 tracks being utilized on 1/2” tape. Best bet is that the more options to add things meant longer completion time and a longer completion time meant a waning interest.





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10 12 2009

really good mix!!

i only wish they were mp3 😦

10 12 2009

It’s the honest truth, Ian and Todd Lynne changed the course of my life. Our paths first crossed back in 1997, by either accident or fate I don’t know or for that matter even really care, but without a doubt I’ll be forever grateful that cross they did. From the first time I heard a S.L.D. tape, to the first time I saw S.L.D play live, from the different and always evolving incarnations of E.N., YUKhONIC, VEKh, Hepatitis Youth, Bush Youth, the Gulf and all those other “side projects”, I got, and have gotten, nothing but absolute inspiration. Over the following years I attended the shows that I could and always deeply regretted the ones that I missed because I knew that the sounds I’d hear at each one were guaranteed to give me that extra bit of strength to carry on, despite whatever the world and life threw at me. The sounds they made, together and individually, had such a profound affect on my mind, heart and soul, let’s just say that mere words fail me when it comes to expressing just how much of an impact it all had on me. There was a point where I was driving around Tampa with a drum kit, some battery amps, a guitar and a distortion pedal, I was pulling into the parking lots of vacant stores and shopping malls, setting up and beating the hell out of it all for no one but myself because as much as I loved going to Cephia’s Treat shows I just didn’t feel like I had any right to play at any of them but at the same time I had to do something. One night, at the Bum Mansion, the Gulf played a set that brought me to tears, it was so powerful, so deep, so moving, so beautiful, in those few short minutes it made me want to play music, for other people, again. Ian had been bugging me for years to come out and play, like I said, up until that point I felt like I couldn’t, but as we were all making a quick exit, after the cops had shut the show down, Ian asked me again, for the umpteenth time, if I’d like to play a show. The (partial) set that I’d just witnessed had made me feel so incredibly good inside that I found myself saying “Yes.” without even thinking about it. If it wasn’t for Ian and his consistent persistence and undeniable impact I’d probably still be playing at home or somewhere or another for myself and by myself. I think the first time I played a Cephia’s Treat show was one of the early F.A.D.’s at Heinrich’s Workshop, I don’t think my set lasted a full minute. Ian thanked me for having come out, to my surprise he wanted me to come out and do it again, I agreed. After that there were some shows I made, some more that I missed, I played a couple infrequently here and there, Ian always had a kind word for me afterward, I admit I was honored to have his support. A time came when I dropped out of the “scene” completely, I just didn’t want to play, I didn’t want to go and see anyone else play, I just kind of lost my drive. One day I ran into Todd, I’d been thinking about Ian and all that he and Todd had done for me, not just for having given me the opportunities that they had in the past but more so about how much the music and “scene” they had created had done so many positive things for me, more than practically anything and everything else I’d encountered during my time in Tampa, Todd asked me if I wanted to play the next show, once again, I found myself saying “Yes.” because there was no real reason for me not to and millions of good reasons to do so. I don’t remember that gig, I don’t remember much of any of the shows I’ve played since then, I usually tend to get lost at some point or another but one thing I do remember is that every time before I play I take a moment and silently say to myself – “This one’s for Ian.”. That’s something I’ll always continue to do because I feel like it’s the least, and at the same time in a strange way, the most, I can do as my attempt to thank him for everything he’s done for me. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t run across Ian Lynne all those years ago. I do know that because of him, I’m where I am and I’m doing what I do. I’ll leave it at that.

11 12 2009

That was really awesome to hear about Stuart. I’m glad other people feel the same way I do when it comes to being around some good souls. My closest friends have inspired me too and I don’t see anything wrong with letting the better parts of your environment move you in a way no other medium could inspire. I take a lot of things to the heart, especially the vibes and music made by the people I’ve met in my life, and even people I haven’t like Ian. If I go to Tampa and not see an ‘S2K’ on a flier over a too long amount of a time I’m going to be real bummed!

11 12 2009

Sorry for being Off-Topic – what wordpress template are you using? It’s looking interesting.

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