5th D.O.T. – S2K

11 12 2009

-S2k playing at the David Island Dreamhouse in Tampa, Fl 2008. Video by Ted Records

Another big Tampa hero even if he dismisses it. S2k has been a proud bay settler long enough and way into the ‘know’ enough to take insights from a previous generation of artists that formed from around. He knows more about Cephia’s than I could ever dream, and with the influence these early projects and people pushed onto him, it was time for him to pick up the equipment and make something happen. And man, does this guy know how to turn the world upside down!

I’ll admit; the first time I saw S2k play at Post-INC ’07 in Tampa, I was a little scared. Maybe actually really scared. I wasn’t sure how he was manipulating or even generating sound from the setup he had (he had clay on his hands and was touching some kind of literal sound board), but what was coming out from this man’s amps and voice were downright frightening. I didn’t know what to expect next since bands like Laundry Room Squelchers played before and force you to be thrown into their chaotic madness. Luckily, this isn’t something of S2k’s style, as his style isn’t even necessarily a part of letting people into his realm, it’s more about ways of changing the world around you by other means. I wanted to go up to S2k after this set to ask him how he did it, but I was still a little shy. Later on after a couple more shows, we started to talk a bit more and Stuart ended up being one of the nicest, humble dudes from Tampa. If there was a falling out location for a show, he (with no questions asked) would set up the show at his own house (with plenty of eye candy galore!). If you quietly mention a show you’re setting up under your breath, he’ll take the time off and drive up to it.

Every set that S2k’s ever done has always been completely different from others, and each time makes me scratch my head on the process but nevertheless I digged the kind of noise-scapes he was making. I got to get another glimpse of his sound on his recent tape ‘Head Cleaner,’ and sure enough through the loops, downward spirals and a hopeful ending out, the tape’s task was a success. Once I made myself feel afraid, now S2k’s sets are the most look forward to part of the evening for me, and I look forward to many more. Favorite S2k moment: Seeing him at his night set at Bloodfest, giving everyone a radio/headphones and being assigned the task to find the newly created station S2k. The Magic 94.1 will never be the same again.

-S2k as The Blood Angel @ Bloodfest ’09, photos by Carson Cox




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