7th D.O.T. – Russian Tsarcasm

13 12 2009

The ’12 Days of Tampa’ list would not be able to form as well if it wasn’t for this man, Carlos Gonzales.  As I mentioned in many posts from before, he’s done a lot for music and most importantly, has done a lot for the weird. Life would be way less exciting if there wasn’t musical mutations like Russian Tsarcasm, who populates the ‘never before’ seen or done aspects that most musicians feel too timid/no desire to explore. I was looking up some writings on the later day name-change-to Tsarlag, and I liked this guy’s description on his sound on the split with Blue Shift:

“His sound calls to mind the halcyon days of the early 80’s when there was a small (but formidable) assemblage’ve roustabouts what fell outside any specific pecking order, hybridizin art/avant/industro squelch through the punk filters (which got’em tagged as weird), thereby isolating themselves in a cool corner of the scene that only a few of us embraced back then. These folks def. fucked w/the rules of what was what & while that perhaps marginalized’em to the (then) arbiters, I was drawn to their skewered genius like a bear to honey. It was stuff that embodied a certain DIY aesthetic, as well it had to since nobody else was gonna touch it.” –Siltbreeze Records

The ‘preview’ below is a full 25 min sample from a site for his ‘Golden Bag Woman of Super Life’ tape, that was released in 2005. I’m not sure if he already moved to Providence, RI when he recorded this or still had one foot in Tampa. Nevertheless, definitely check it out if you haven’t, a perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon.


-preview of the Russian Tsarcasm dvd (still available!)




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13 12 2009

That preview is epic.

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