PHASE 2: Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples

15 12 2009

-Parts and Pieces

Now sequencing: Phase 2 of Tampa’s past decade of beats and creeps of the night. We saw the brief and still mysterious formation of sounds from the late 90’s and early early 2000’s, the ‘new school’ groups that formed from Sickles high and art school Blake soon after, and the ‘college and/or dropping years’ that brings us up to the current ‘where do we go from here?’ kind of art, music romanticism. Things are happening, it’s great, but before I can go quite there, there’s still musical territory to cover starting from somewhere around ’06 and up.

Let’s look at ’07. My ears already missed out on tons of tapes and out of print records at this point, and only the nice, sweet words “yeah, you can borrow it dude” could give me access to these archives. Brandon Poplin for example, while I was at his downtown condo, let me borrow some solid mixes and burnt material by former Tampa bands such as Salute the Curse (now members are in I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness), S.L.D., and tons of projects Russian Tsarcasm was in. Also between getting to know Brigid better and jamming out with a sweet tea loaded Sean at the Crawlspace, I became extremely fascinated with it all, without even fully realizing. I also got to see him and Andrea practice for the first couple times, and it wasn’t even a month later that they were already playing killer sets around the bay.

-Parts and Pieces @ Bloodfest 2008, by Dan Mcguire

This duo was the frantic Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples, whose shows I tried my best to call off work, trade shifts, etc, to make it out and get a good feeling in my tapping shoes and bopping head. I only briefly knew Andrea from the high-school daze (who at this time hosted shows), but of course Sean was a notorious buddy of mine and had been playing in bands like M[L]U and W.D.T.P. since he was a freshmen. While M[L]U were recording some explosive material for their tour tapes, both Josh and Sean were mostly playing drums in their most recent projects for shows; Odem Press and Parts & Pieces, respectively. Both no-wave in some deranged sort of nature, but I always thought Odem Press looked into the dark side a bit longer and had a rusty factory type feel while P&PoPT explored a more whimsical world of colors and agitation. This might be due to Andrea’s high pitched, poisoned mouse vocals and quirky rhythm structures. I know these two were really into Deerhoof at the time because I was with them while blasting their new album on our way back from the Crawlspace. Funny thing is is that neither had previously tackled the instruments they ended up working things out with, and from their already volatile sets to the last time I saw them at Bloodfest ’09, they have become the masters of distinction. Since Andrea has been going to school up in New York, they have pretty much became the Tampa summer sensation when the humidity particles align.

-show at Heinrich’s in Summer of 2008, video by Ted Records

The download is from their 2007 1st release, a S/T cdr that has some great gems that brings the better parts of my memory back. I could be wrong, but they might have their 2nd album, a split with Then and Than on LP still available over at SAFG/Cephia’s. Both harsh and somehow warm, like trying to cuddle with a giant porcupine. Also the other link below isn’t only a live recording of a Parts and Pieces set, but also a few other guerrilla punks that Dan Mcguire put up on the net. I don’t care for Beardtongue (doesn’t do it for me), however, a magical Pro Bro Dog set is captured here and Dan’s 1st track for his project Giblet is pretty remarkable, it’s got loops and thrills and sits well together with the minimal yet impacting force of these Past Ticiples.



-@ Club Avery, 2007



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