Odem Press

16 12 2009

-Odem Press playing at Bloodfest 2005

You saw it coming. Like meeting your evil older twin for the first time, Odem Press gave things in Tampa a new flavor, a new sound as members of other bands formed together to make this incarnation, which was Andrew (from Then and Than), Josh (from M[L]U) and Omar (emBARD). I saw them play for the first time at the skatepark and I immediately fell for the weirdness intruded. Andrew made voice masks with a tube attached that made him sound like an undead corpse trying to make words out of a hanging jaw, and this was the first time I was exposed to a circuit bent anything, which in this case was a small basic keyboard. The beginnings of most songs had the keyboard shrilling with lost melodies while the drums and guitar started kicking in, creating layers and layers of dirge. Pretty awesome sound, dark from the inside out.

-Odem Press playing at INC 2006

Later on they dropped the circuit bent electronic equipment (which became the solo project Then and Than’s forte) and went on towards a more punk type sound. I listened to one of their live sets on WMNF and heard Andrew now singing without manipulation, and although I like both styles it was cool to hear “WHO said FUN was FREE? Not ME!” straight from the radio speakers to my face. This was also around the time Sean and Andrea started to put together their Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples which was a really freshening (it always seems to be) period to be around. Nothing better than to see new bands form together from the corner and create a short yet amazing lifespan, even if it’s a bit zombified sounding. I know what some are thinking, “come on, who cares, so many of these bands just come and go because they don’t know what they’re aspiring to anymore or ever,” and well you know, I don’t even think most people know what they’re doing themselves either and just live like factory parts, so anytime anything like this sparks up even for a brief period, I appreciate the effort involved and that doesn’t mean it wasn’t put into use later. Plus there’s nothing worst than a band that stays together only to burn themselves out rather than just do something else. That’s why no wave and synthpunk projects like the Screamers only existed for a short period while they were at their best and innovative, and to this day people seek as much footage and recordings they can get. Anyways, Odem Press ruled, I’m glad I got to catch at least a couple shows before the end. They are now defunct but their members are still stirring as other entities.

-playing Mcully Pulkin

-playing in ’07 at Sarasota Succulent Society

-@ Sunburn Stadium, Bloodfest 2006

-INC ’07

-bayshore tour




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