8th D.O.T. – Then and Than

17 12 2009


-2nd set at Bloodfest 2009

Not recommended for the already disillusioned. Then and Than’s sets have always been different each time; very theatrical, mind warping and best of all the sound comes off as straight from some kind of cursed graveyard of undead electronics and decomposing amps. If you want to know what a bad trip feels like, sounds like and looks like, look no further down the vortex. It’s here in Tampa where it feeds and breeds. T&T is Andrew, and I’ve spread some words about him already, but the reason he made it to the Tampa wish(fulfilled) list is because of all the past shows he’s organized, known as P.H.O.N.Y.’s, and still sets up to keep things going. Many memories of seeing the 1st couple P.H.O.N.Y.’s with acts like Pro Bro Dog, Haves and Thirds, T-Func, Limplungs and Andrew’s brief 2 piece punk band called Skin Job playing at the Amphitheater in Trip Park. As far as releases go, I’ve been able to check out a couple including the split I have of him and Parts and Pieces, but it’s been awhile since I’ve heard a new set of recordings, and we’re all waiting for a new testament from Then and Than, who’s sets have actually come off kind of deranged synthpunk sounding lately with the addition of Kylie drumming.

-Then and Than @ INC 2006

-Then and Than – I Deleted You (2007), thanks to KombatRock

-playing at Club Avery 2007

-song: “Disease of the Mind,” @ Cafe Hey, Aug 2009

-Pre-INC at Branch Ranch Pervert Pit, 2009



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