Kombatrock featuring Jeffrey Ruble

18 12 2009

Jeffrey Ruble: Who is he? Where did he come from? What kind of intentions does he have, and what kind of radioactive spill did he unfortunately react with? No understanding on this plane of existence is available to us at the time. But one things for sure, he creeps me the fuck out and I don’t even want to know these origins and business this “thing” wants to carry out according to his plan. Don’t give him a mic, he’ll only chew your brains out with his words.

Lorethian, however, seems to be a bit more on the sentimental spectrum, judging from the times I’ve encountered his holy deformed presence he was all about “the gathering” and the gifts he offers to these brethren, including his musings. Yet something’s still a little fishy about this sweet fellow of fellowship… I hope Mr. Ruble isn’t behind the scenes on this one. Anyways, I’ve managed to find some footage of this ravaging mutant thanks to a Tampa film brewer Kombatrock. Below the three videos are other videos he’s uploaded of Tampa nightbreed.


-Then and Than: Ages, filmed by Kombatrock 2009


-Add N To X song w/footage of Hawaii

-Haves and Thirds – “The Craziest of Pipers,” filmed from Bayshore Tour by KR

-Tampa band footage @ Sunburn Stadium 2007




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