Edwin Martinez

19 12 2009

-Mother Nature, by Edwin

One of my favorite artists in Tampa is Edwin Martinez. I was able to meet him at my high school and get to see how this man’s skill has grown and not just into art form but music as well. I talked about his art extensively under the post Edwin’s Wind, and if you like what you see you should check out more of his work here. Since I haven’t already, I was also going to share some of his music projects too on here through video format. This dude sure adds to the Tampa flavor!

-character ideas

-storyboard 1

-storyboard 2


FifiA band Edwin was in with a girl named Natalie from Sarasota. I haven’t heard much by them or even know if they still collaborate, but I liked what I heard from their space. “Sounds like: metropolitan landscapes in construction with overdubbed beats and melodies.”

Gringos de Zapitos – a more recent project of Edwin’s in which he drums and Jon and Bennet (of Astrovian Func fame) play synth and violin, respectively. Hell raiser is my best description at the moment.

Breatheasy – Edwin’s solo project. I’ve noticed the sounds he makes in this electronic foundation are sounds I’d hear if I was inside his paintings; elegant, weird, and dreams that are borderline nightmares.

Hispanics de Hombres – 3 hispanic dudes, kind of a precursor Gringos.

Robot Ceremony – the last band that I know of that Edwin was/is active in. I saw them play a brief set at Bloodfest and it rocked.

-Gringos de Zapitos playing at Cafe Hey, December 2009

-Breatheasy @ Cafe Hey ’09

thanks to Brigid for both videos

-Hispanics de Hombres, footage of a full set at New College 2007




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