9th Day of Tampa – Uh Oh Spades

21 12 2009

As if two rivers were running parallel to each other, went through a couple different paths, and met back up together into one gulf stream is how I feel the journey that Jacob and I made as we drifted along one side and soon crossed paths fully with Stay Away From Ghosts, Cephia’s, and other Tampa based projects into one force. And it’s been one hell of a current, that’s for sure.

Although I didn’t do any music until sometime recently, Jacob was always a big influence on me starting from our early youth. In high school we both didn’t really “get” why everyone loved going to some terrible emo pop shows every weekend of the same exact setlists and also overall why all people seemed to enjoy doing was gossiping and sucking each others’ blood and essence in order to gain their own. Should we waste our time along with these herd hag abominations? Answer: I’d rather kill myself than to live that way for the rest of my life.

-Uh Oh Spades playing at Transitions Art Gallery, 2008. Vid by Alex Gaesser.

Hence, Uh Oh Spades, of course not taking as much as a backlash as I’m making it sound, found a humble approach and escape to what the art world has to offer, and was born. He saved some money, got equipped, and from a RAWR to a Wreck and to the last full length (Look What You’ve Done) Neon Filth, his objective of making a sound of his own was a success. One thing I noticed about Jacob is that he’s pretty good at blending two different styles or moods together to a fixated point that becomes up to the listener and dancer to decide how it makes them feel. Once he moved to Nashville, he changed his project’s name to Deeyay, and along with just a band name change he also morphed into a higher state of body music. Every show that Deeyay plays at now instantly becomes an altered party.

The UOS album that Jacob had offered on Deaddrone is the last full length Neon Filth. It was recorded for the MLU/UOS tour in Summer of ’08 and he came back with not too many copies left. I’m not too sure of how many people from Florida and Tampa itself were able to check it out, but this album has some gems for sure! It’s actually my favorite, not just because of the feel on this one but the time and place I was in when I was listening to this. Jacob had gone to Thailand for a few months to see his family, and I thought it was cool to hear that he’d brought his synth and drum machine along the trip with him. I was waiting to see what kind of eastern vibe he’d get from the temples, shrines and heavenly reaching mountaintops, and sure enough when he came back and played a show he handed me a cassette titled ‘Wreck.’ I remember him recording a couple of the tracks from the time we had an apartment the year prior, but the new songs on side B especially the track 12th Cent blew my mind. I always believed in the potential my friend had, and this release had the evidence. But that wasn’t it, as quickly following up was this album, Neon Filth. I immediately put it into my mom’s boom box and holy shit, Uh Oh Spades has never been this funky before.

It starts off like a dirty DJ set intro, and the clubbers start trickling in on the 2nd track. The synth lines on this track and 8 remind me of watching  a Paper Rad intermission, very 80’s computer music sounding. 3 has some strange electronic creature sounds on it, one of my favorite things that UOS implants into his songs that give them a quirky, sci-fi feel to it. I think the neon trash can be heard on tracks 6 and 7, where both uppity laced keyboards play within deep dirty bass. Hey, this kid’s got nothing to hide, so why not blend it all and destroy duality for good. Last track ends on a good vibe, and gives me a sense that things change but it’s not over, especially for Deeyay.



Spring 2008, SAFG

Recorded by OUTMODE


video link for UOS performance for Roundhouse on WMNF 88.5




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