Blonde God

24 12 2009

Blonde God was a short lived band from Tampa that consisted of Carson (of Slavescene, Neon Blud and Teenage Triangle) and Kylie, who’s now doing a solo project called Father Finger. Their EP posted here, which they released last year for INC, brings to mind the rhythms and drones of math rock in instrumental, carrying away fashion. It wasn’t just the 1st time I saw Carson break away from his previous band Dry Country, which was cool to see him do something different but also I had no clue that a girl I just met around this time Kylie was in a project. And the best part of the surprise is that this band for having such a brief start ruled! This is pretty much what I’d imagine the soundtrack to beating the shit out of someone that deserved it and walking away from it on the sidewalk would be like. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys the holiday small talk, and are in for a real present for this week to come in both Tampa and Orlando. Also, my personal present to you guys will be up shortly. ALSO thanks to Kylie for letting me share! For those that are curious about what her project Father Finger sounds like, check out the new sound here.


-Blonde God, 2008




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