12th Day of Tampa – Yukhonic

12 01 2010

This is it. I’m wrapping up my posts on Tampa, and there’s no better way to end it than with one of the bands that started it all: Yukhonic. Some can tell you a lot more than I know, and others have actually been around for it. Todd and Ian were originally duking it out as S.L.D., and I think somewhere around this time was when they started forming a base of hardcore bands and noise punks into the power house that became Cephia’s Treat. Things got dreamier (but not softer) along the way, and Yukhonic especially always had a unique brand of stinging synth punk that can shift back and forth between synthesized elegance to enragement, just how Chrome could switch between Stooges garage racket to industrial before you could catch your breath again. Unfortunately many releases (besides their split with former ‘I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness’ bandmates Salute the Curse) are out of print, and although the 4 tracks below that Todd had posted on Cephia’s rule, I’ve heard other Yukhonic offerings (some more synth based than guitar) on other formats that are phenomenal, and I was quite shocked to hear that those electronic punk songs were made in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and not the late experimental 70’s.

No More Songs

Ear of The Storm

When All Else Fails

Self Instruct




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