Save Your Wit

25 01 2010

Why is it cool all of a sudden to be witty and ironic? Apparently the joke’s on me for getting fed up with publications like Vice Magazine, but I truly feel that when a hipster is in control of any articles or thoughts in general that it’s a complete waste of time to give an ear to. By bad mouthing bands and giving slick, hip references doesn’t piss people off because of the negative reviews, but because the focus is shifted from the music to the actual writer’s cleverness, which is the most pretentious crap I’ve ever heard. I don’t think it’s groundbreaking or thoughtful in any way personally. My focus has always been steered towards music in Florida and the directions its going, and one person’s opinion shouldn’t showcase it all really, with or without wit. I’d like it to be more like “hey, these are things that are going on over here; maybe you will like what’s going on here” rather than me simply saying it’s good or bad. The concept of the review may seem silly and pointless to some, but I like reviews because it helps to show what exists and even what’s appreciated enough for one to want to share. Whatever, ranting isn’t really my forte and I’m also pissed off that Conan was kicked off so I’ll stop now and get back to content soon. 2 Downloads are on their way. Watch out for what you expose yourself to.




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