2010: A Bass Odyssey

1 02 2010

-Mr. Transylvania (now in L.A.) in the ladies’ room, vid by Chadwick.

2010 has had a slew of performances already, which would explain my absence updating on here. Both Tampa and Orlando have been kicking with shows and events just about every week, and it’s good to see more people leaving hibernation and getting involved with it all from around. The first big show here since the New Year’s was Moon Climb the Wall’s ‘Fucking Friends Forever’ event at Stardust and Lou’s.

-‘All Friends Jam’ @ Stardust, vid by Chadwick

The round robin had each band play a song and keep the rotation going, with everyone playing all at once by the end of the night like some kind of Glenn Branca noise orchestra. The vibes ranged anywhere from hip hop, ambient to electronic improvisation and destruction rock, and seeing Gem of Skin and Sloweater playing again really excited me and another show was immediately planned, which was also a success. Gem of Skin played a touching set in his beetle to close out the evening with the smell of burnt rubber, amp racket, car horns and Christmas’ #1 Hit for Mangers. Skeleton Warrior’s Jimmy made a special appearance with a synth building serenade dedicated to I-4’s traffic. Hover-Board (a combination of dudes that have played together since high-school in Orlando) crafted instrumental motorik towards better daze, and I will for sure set up more local shows with them. Out of towners ‘Wampum Physics,’ a duet north folk band, played quirky melodies (the singer’s voice reminded me of Lora Logic) that covered Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ and even had a song about Lazy Magnet (“there once was a guy that went through our garbage, But it’s ok, I would do it too; and we’re going to have FUN FUN FUN!”). Also at a Triscults’ show, an all girl act ‘No Mas Bodas‘ headlined from Austin, Texas and were really enjoyed by the Stardust crowd with the band’s fascination with art, electronics, dance grooves and post punk breeding. Now I finally feel settled in again after this month’s music non-stop.

Thanks to Mark Johnson (Moon Climb the Wall) and Chris Miller for setting up some killer shows, Andrew Chadwick and Stephen Silber for providing video footage of FFF, and all that came out.

-Earwak @ Stardust, vid by Stephen. One of my favorite fresh projects by my buddy Phil.

-Dark Sea of Awareness @ Stardust, vid Chadwick

-Moon Climb the Wall @ Stardust, vid by Stephen. Mark came from Salem, Massachusetts and organized this event with friends both old and new in his hometown.

-Haunted Food @ Stardust, vid by Stephen. This is Chris (from Mr. Transylvania) and Jill’s (from Triscults) new project. Think Triscults performance art but evil. And scary.

-C-C @ Stardust, vid by Stephen. This party monster is from Gainesville.

-Gem of Skin w/Sloweater @ Stardust, vid by Stephen. He used to play in a chaotic guitar/drum duo Sleep on Alligator, and I was stoked to see him perform after a year of silence.

-Commercial (formerly known as Pan/Dos) @ Lou’s, vids by Chadwick

-Cyber-Swarm @ Lou’s and Gainesville’s Laboratory, vids by Chadwick. We played with Yip Yip, Minim and other electronic bands this night. Thanks to Chris Miller for setting up this event, a part of ‘Future Music Society.’

Bands that played but no video: Greg’s new band Posture was a great addition to the Friends’ Fest; swirls of amp feedback with pure damage on drums. We played 2 shows with them since, and Tele’s Bluetooth Banned Freakout made you question a friendship or two during death rock.




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