Going To Miami

11 02 2010

Ok.. so a couple of broken promises on this post. Instead of rushing things and getting something out just for INC, a couple of potential tape releases are put on hold. These tapes being the Kreb Drawn Hoops/Alien Overmind split and the first Cyber-Swarm release. Fortunately this is also good news; not only will more time be spent, but Josh (Outmode) will be recording the CS tape when he moves back to Tampa. We might also have a CS split out before that with our first recorded songs with the other side being the Orlando wreck crew Sleep On Alligator, who don’t play anymore but want to release songs of the past. Anyways…. hope the Pre-INC’s were a blast, and there’s also a couple of other things that will be out that to look out for:

(pictured above) Warded Halls 1st releases:

Evan Neal – member of Pharoah Faucet’s solo tape gone bedroom pop

AWOT – Russian drone rockers representing their cold territory


Father Finger cassette ‘Separation Anxiety’ – machine age punk

Haves and Thirds/T-Func split tape “- Some of the most beautiful Haves and Thirds chimes I’ve heard, and T-Func’s side combines the man with the machine and comes out strong through the end. Some real gems here.

Ant Parade cdr ‘Eagerly With Tenderness’ – tape music under angelic supervision. This release will make you feel good and warm; perfect for the last month of winter.

Baby Cave – My friend’s new band with Jeremy Harris (Lazy Magnet). I’ll pop this baby in my car on my way to INC, so I haven’t listened to it yet but thought I’d point out that it’s released.

MLU/New Flesh split vinyl – Saw the cover. Got excited. Will get my hands on it for sure!

Plenty more merch will be out for sure. I wish I had something to trade, but also worth pointing out is that Alien Overmind/Cyber-Swarm have a track on a Cheapo Records comp. Anyways, I’m off to Miami. Peace.




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