Squelchers’ Paradise

17 02 2010

-Laundry Room Squelchers at the Hideout in austin texas sxsw 2009

So I finally got to experience what INC was all about. At least this time around. I wasn’t really planning on writing about it, especially since the internet serves as a double edged sword and if some art goes unmentioned or misrepresented by a douche bag blooger, despite musicians acting like they care or not, it still backfires in the end some way. Plus a couple of people are still asking what the big deal is and it would be worth taking some time to shine some light into it. Really there was a lot that I enjoyed during the weekend, and although some of it blended together as also my senses blended as well, there were lots of acts that made the 4 hour drive through shitty rainy freezing weather well worth it. I’ll make some coffee and write about it later.

Also, my friend found a VHS on the floor titled ’93 Playoffs that happened to have not Dallas cowboy highlights but actually Friday footage of the Tampa/Florida based bands and more. I’m borrowing it later to see how long it goes up to, but if anyone can help me find the camera man please contact me. There was a guy with a neon Florida shirt that had dreads… is this xNOCOREx?




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