Swamp Tease

17 02 2010

-flier made by Jamie L. and Craig H.

Swamp Tease – This is Ali (of SHV, Dreamhouse) and Carlos’ (of Russian Tsarlag) haunted minimal rock n roll group. Sound effected chains, guitar, drums, and black echo from beyond.


Ancestral Diet – This is Clare of Caethua and Andy from Impractical Cockpit. Esoteric ‘goth’ trip.


Taboo – this is a three piece from Maine. Negative psychedelic rock, bad trip barroom blues. A total mess in all the best ways…


Hover-Board – Orlando collaboration that combines past sounds with future vibes, motorik style.

Posture – The damage is done… for eternity.

-Swamp Tease playing at Mars Gas



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