Orlando: Rites of Passage

21 02 2010

This may or may not of happened to you (yet) if you moved to Orlando. This isn’t necessarily a guideline either, but more of a bumpy, feet bleeding road to actually enjoying stability over in central Florida, if you reach it.

1. Moving here for school related reasons and realize you didn’t quite make the cut towards the program you were aspiring to *cough cough* UCF’s animation department.

2. Moving close to campus and realizing that there’s virtually no side walk to bike on half the time to class due to constant construction. Oh, and of course no bike lanes.

3. Your car gets stolen in that humble, warm welcoming apartment complex that assured “fun, once in a lifetime student experience” conveniently by campus.

4. You begin to have insight that all of the new, hyped up restaurants you hear about and eventually get dragged to are overpriced and undercooked.

5. You begin to hate your life every time you drive your car through endless bumper to bumper traffic that consists of an array of Fall Out Boy and Nickleback racket from an open car window near you.

6. The first job you’ve held here goes out of business due to constant competition. Where to now?

7. You eventually move towards winter park and deal with the distance for school but enjoy the better side of life every time you come home. See, not this whole list is negative.

8. You book your first and last show at Stardust that nearly gets shut down on a Saturday night at 10PM. You win this time hipsters, I almost forgot that you all listen to the same music.

9. You’ve established a pretty solid circle of good and talented people that have most likely gone through the same but have kept doing what they do. This is definitely what keeps me here.

End result? Shows and DJ parties at Uncle Lou’s/houses for now on, with a possible location also being Bikuri’s (a Japanese sushi lounge) to have once a month club nights coordinated by my friend Kate. I’m getting some turn tables this week and will start focusing on DJ-ing some electro and post punk with two dance band openers for each event. Orlando, I like you, but sometimes I feel like you don’t like me, so I’ll keep trying.



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