Let the Beat Hit ‘Em

8 03 2010

-Gem of Skin @ Uncle Lou’s, Winter 2010 Verdezap

A series of successful shows and happenings have been going on here. Since I didn’t say so already (except some expressed anger on venues), the Swamp Tease (Providence, RI), Ancestral Diet and Taboo (Maine) show was phenomenal. It was good to see Carlos again and with a new project up his sleeve with Ali (of SHV) taking turns playing drums, guitar, vocals but never switching out raw gothic rock sensibility. Taboo and Ancestral Diet were great too, and I’m glad they came all the way down here to play some loud, much needed to hear head cleaning. Thanks to those that donated and “kept it real.”

There were a couple of shows I was offered to play at recently but I’ve had to turn down because of my school schedule and work to finish up before spring break which has started for me. I did however DJ for the first time (since the February the 5th Element dance party w/Pro Bro Gold, Diamond Hymen, Uh-Oh Spades, and Secret Weapon) with my new turn tables and borrowed sound system. It was for a friend’s birthday party and I felt pretty confident with my music selection and segments; got the ladies dancing the night away and the male bar regulars struggling to retain their straight sexuality amongst four on the floor beats. I’ll try to bring my Nickelback record next time guys.

Other than that, last night’s show for Gainesville’s Ironing and Janet Night as well as The Lady of Situations (from Tallahassee), Free Drugs and Gem of Skin (Orlando) was another breath of fresh air and ended with a bang. Janet played diva fronted synth pop (perhaps a perkier Diamond Hymen?) and the three ladies (of Situations) were a minimal electronics band that also incorporated toy and acoustic instruments. Orlando opened and closed, Free Drugs (who went from Hoverboard to the new moniker after a member moved) starting off with killer repetition and played their most abrasive set yet. Gem of Skin’s set (linked above) featured a new member that never showed up to practice who shined with fearless moments that would put Ian MacKaye to shame. Washed up yet useful; that’s Orlando for you.

Other news:

Cyber-Swarm IS done recording for our 1st release, which will be a split with old timers O band Sleep on Alligator (which split off into Gem of Skin.) It’s going to be a double Mini-CDR for double the pleasure, and our songs ‘Unconcealed Dome’ and ‘Necro Electro’ will be packed into 20 min. Expect to see real soon, as well as the other split I’m involved in with Sarasota’s synth punk duo Kreb Drawn Hoops. We want to hit up Tampa and Sarasota during a weekend once they’re all done for shows.

With turn tables now putting some of my electro and Devo records to some good dance party use, I’ve decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do all along which was monthly dance shows that would consist of party bands and crossfading grooves all night. I’ve only done this once so far and it was a great turn out, and the kind of groups I had in mind for future shows would be something like Outmode, Skeleton Warrior, Deeyay, Diamond Hymen, Haves and Thirds, Ant Parade, Dark Sea of Awareness, Moon Climb the Wall and Lazy Magnet if he happened to be around and wanted to play his EBM/Dark wave styled work. The official 2nd one will be on April 2nd with more details soon.

Lastly, I have some much needed release coverage that I’ve been meaning to come around to since I have more time. I haven’t been able to listen to all of the music I’ve accumulated from INC to even the beginning of this year (believe me, there’s tons, and so far it’s all been really enjoyable and refreshing). Some older than others, but nevertheless were new to me, and the releases I’m going to come around to writing up on will be:

Babycave’s 1st tape
Fifi’s tape off Cephias (!!!! how come I’ve never seen this band live? beautifully mystical!)
Slavescene/MLU split tape
MLU/New Flesh split LP
Moon Climb the Wall CDR
Outmode tape
Unicorn Hard-On/Outmode split tape
Limplungs tape off SAFG
Dads 7” record
Body Rot/Ant Parade split 7” (Sister Syringe)
Ant Parade’s ‘Love Machine’ and ‘Tenderly with Eagerness’
Hobbledoins split with Leslie Keffer
J. Zagers/CrAow split off SAFG
Traffic Patterns/Byron House split ‘Slight of Hands’
S2k’s CDR from Beats and Creeps Tour
Father Finger’s 1st tape (already sort of reviewed, just get it)
Byron House tape ‘Barbara’s Chain’
Population Problems comp (off Cephias)
Bryon House ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ 7”
Work record my friend got from INC
Sister Fucker tape
Human Beast tape
Rare Youth comp
Hoverboard CDR
Merchandise/Deluxin split tape off SAFG
Deltona Wolves tape (SAFG)
Russian Tsarcasm DVD
Haves and Thirds/T-Func Split
Haves and Thirds tape off Obelisk Sounds
Swamp Tease tape
Janet Night tape ‘Warm Up’
Evan Neal’s 1st tape off Warded Halls
AWOK tape also off Warded Halls
a couple of Roofless Records tapes
Deeyay/Aluminum Foliage split tape (coming soon)

…and that should be about it. I’ll try my best to talk about these releases as they were all pretty exciting, and for the most part (precisely 95%) were all recorded and released in Florida. Things have been blowing up here like I’ve never seen it, and I’m thrilled to even just know about it during these current courses. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.




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8 03 2010

You mean ali of shv?

8 03 2010

oh shit, yeah, thanks for the heads up! Just fixed.

30 03 2010
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