Dance Invasion (mark your calendar)

22 03 2010




It’s my birthday and all I want for it is for all of my friends to have a good time and DANCE. If you went to the ‘Feb 5th Element Dance Party 2009’ you’ll know how things will roll for this….

Dance sets by:

Lazy Magnet – versatile dude that has played anything from higher states of ambience to straight up deep dark rave music. Last came to Orlando for Pre-INC 2009, from Nashville TN.

Outmode – Frippertronics meets dance electronics. Last played in Orlando on New Years, from Nashville TN.

Skeleton Warrior – Geek synth meets High NRG, originally formed in Orlando but trekking over from Tampa for some club weirdness.

Deeyay – Space channeling house music that takes you to other worlds, new landscapes. From Tampa FL.

Diamond Hymen – Seductive synths, blasting beats. She also played last for Orlando’s New Years party. Tampa

CrAow – “I want to play a darkwave set for your birthday.” -Sean Halpin

Guyver Suit will be DJ-ing and crossfading with songs and dance bands all night; think synth driven disco, electro hip-hop, house, and post punk.

One Triscult will be bartending.

This will be a monthly event kicking off with this one, and if you could spare some ca$h or even party favors for the bands it will keep awesome people coming to play here.

Weird/Providence RI attire encouraged.



2 responses

23 03 2010

Apparently, the largest component of this game is the sound system and dance music. Instead of hiring a DJ to select music, rent a pair of good speakers and a sound card when you pick up the projector light show.

Their food and beverage space must be separated from the dance floor, providing a peaceful rest for the weary customers. Give 5 to 10 gallons spa tubs (as used in the context of games of the NFL) of ice water and lemonade with ice. Keep stacks of paper cups near thermal containers and place several large trash or recycling cans around to take the role of trash. Trays grocery cookies, candy, chips or crackers and should be the only food it needs to complete its offer.

Dressing up for the rave feel comfortable in what they choose to wear. Rave parties last all night, so I will not have shoes and ankle straps that hold the drop of the shoulder. Wear shoes you can dance in. If you can not dance in high heels, leave them at home.

26 03 2010

I’m in love with that flyer art.
Look like this is going to be a blast.

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