Cosmic 1 Year Anniversary

30 03 2010

It came to my realization that (precisely on March 23rd) this blog has been active for over a year now, with a total of 12,574 views so far (roughly a 1,000 views per month). The average per month is actually a bit more, since things started out slow here, and I just wanted to thank those that check this thing out and also spread the word and have let me post a download or two for sharing. I love posting about the happenings going on around here (Orlando and the rest of Florida) and I feel like it has helped others to get a good outside perspective of what exactly is brewing here. I’ve been really slow on posting as of late because of school and trying to find a job, and I’ve been meaning to post more reviews and downloads on here, so if your project is on this list and would like to send me a track to post with the info I’d appreciate it and I’ll link to where to order and find a copy. There’s plenty of going-ons to keep this site active and well driven.

Thanks very much to: Mark Johnson, S2K, Matt @ Roofless, Jeffrey Ruble aka Then and Than, Todd Lynne, Brigid, Kylie, Edwin, Fuji, Lazy Magnet, Nathan (Thee Deluxin’ Dude), Nelson (LLLR), Sean Halpin, Wally Frasier, and anyone else that has given me input, media, or simply has given me a reason to post on here.


Now would be an appropriate time to cover some things. If you haven’t explored this blog’s murky beginnings up until now, here’s some reference points to cover that are easy to find if you click through months:

March-July 2009: Mostly old drawings by me and a couple of friends, MLU/Uh-Oh Spades downloads, and writings on a psychedelic account or two.

August-October 2009: More versatile downloads and music news (Bloodfest, Florida bands, etc)

October 2009: Orlando month; focused writings on present projects and things that have already came and went in my local location

November 2009: Posts on Sarasota and east coast USA bands such as Deluxin, Irene Moon, and Russian Tsarlag.

December 2009: Nothing but Tampa bands. My favorite month of material I’ve ever posted. Please check out!

January-April 2010: Unfocused posts, mostly info on INC and current shows. I’ve been really busy trying to keep up with everything, but more individual reviews are on their way, videos, and hopefully more media.

Keep riding the skies




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