Amplified Hearts

8 04 2010

-CrAow featuring Ant Parade – live at Leu’s 04/02/10. Video by Verdezap

This has been another great week of shows. This time, it was birthday party styled. Last week was my buddy Brad (Gem of Skin)’s 24th birthday, and he celebrated it well with some local Orlando acts both new and have-been-working-on-its. The highlight of the night for me was the fresh new goth synth duo Bride of Borgs (Kate from Eisner and Lindsay of Pandora’s Talkbox), drums and synth but this ain’t no synth punk. They went for a more goth synth-based style that started songs out slowly and picked up with some spellcasting chants and falling keyboards. I’ve asked them to possibly play with Kreb Drawn Hoops and Alien Overmind for a mini-tour whenever we finally, FINALLY get our tape done. My lips will say no more until it becomes a reality. This show was pretty much not only a bash but a good way for Orlando to recognize itself, and see where to go next and hopefully work on some recordings and spread out shows to other places. My personal favorite bands here now are Bride of Borgs, Free Drugs, Gem of Skin, Sloweater (or any project this dude is in for that matter), 20,000 Women, Posture, Jazzmatazz and Dark Sea of Awareness. And, it’s times like these in which I really miss Mr. Shields, better known as Mr. Transylvania to some. He’s always had good vibes about the DIY community especially the happenings near by, no matter how small.

-Lazy Magnet @ New College, photo by Stephanie Sanders

Woo, now birthday number 2 and 3 (mine and Lazy Magnet’s) pretty much blew everything I’ve seen this entire year out of the water, with a few exceptions of sets I’ve seen at INC. All I wanted was to see a good show, and at this point I really don’t care who shows up anymore, who “gets” it, and so on. No reason to bash because they only bash themselves through pure laziness and other typical bullshit. The projects that played this night take music, an expressive art form of ever changing, evolving sound, very seriously. Playing in a band isn’t a fad, a way to get laid, or any other self involved crap; it’s a spiritual medium that is definitely fun but also is pure heart and soul, and after seeing sets by dudes like Lazy Magnet and Outmode, I get a good sense of what music can mean to people, especially what it means to me.

-Outmode. All photos below by Andrea Knight

Anyways, their sets kicked with some of the best transcendental dance beats I’ve ever heard both of them play. IDM is a horrible term to describe anything, I’ll just say this style of dance certainly had an experimental edge to it that mixed ambience and noise with house and synth pop. CrAow w/Ant Parade opened the night of dances to come with a more goth driven set that even reminded me of The Oh Sees a tad. It would be cool to see them play again together in this style. The party closers were Diamond Hymen (who sung happy birthday for the birthday boys) and Skeleton Warrior, who with the additional post punk drumming of Erika and S2k tour-de-force ended the night with some pounding beats, awkward grins, and spastic synths. Ever since I saw them at INC they’ve been putting on some of their best performances yet, super tight. I couldn’t of asked for a better birthday, and although another dance night will be coming over the horizon, it’s going to be really hard to top this one off.

-Diamond Hymen

-Lazy Magnet

I love all of my friends and it’s times like these I feel good to be alive, despite going into another year closer to death. I also saw MLU play here last night, ripping it up once again and have reached “super tight” status as well with stop-go drum/bass/guitar attacks and vocals from a burning planet. I had a great time seeing my buddies in Florida again, and feeling the Sean Halpin vibe that makes crust punks from a dive-bar-near-you feel like taking a shower and rethinking a thing or two over. Cheers to those dudes for their tour, and for the Florida people that keep the music non-stop through an ever changing, stylistically inclined rites of passage (and killer sets).

-Jimmy (he’s in the band Skeleton Warrior guys)

-Kipp (SW)

-Erica (SW)

-Tim (SW)

-The Dance Slave. Call for a good time.




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