Deadbeat Dadz

9 04 2010

-Dadz at Four Winds Cafe, New College



off Soft Languages

After seeing Boulders play their dirge version of left  field punk the other night here in Orlando, I thought it would be appropriate to post some info on the other like-minded band Dadz that features Boulders’ singer/guitarist and two other familiar Florida faces (Carson of Neon Blud/Slavescene, Dave from defunct project Andros Rex). Other projects aside, this one rules, and every live show I’ve seen keeps getting better, roudier, and louder. Instead of the ‘This Heat’ experimental dark vibe that Boulders explores for their sound, Dadz takes the experimental aspects (walls of sound, feedback fest, and dub thickness) and adds a dash of punk sonic force with it all, overall a great aesthetic both from the live shows to the record.

Soft Languages (Tampa based label) released this 7” single that also features an interesting art insert of multiple E.T.’s exploring punk cliches, fucking, singing Velvet Underground (“I’m waiting for my Dad”), and attached to a catheter contemplating its existence. This is worth it with the purchase alone, which also has an E.T. Jerry Only quoting “Punk’s Not Dead… Just chillin’.” You got that damn right, all I see “punks” do now is start horrible sludge metal bands or mediocre hardcore filth. Anyways, next Dadz release is tentatively titled ‘Hat Creek,’ and any future dates whether it be Tampa, Orlando or tour info will be posted on here. Link below downloads you into sonic hell, and side A features a song I heard the 1st time I’ve seen them live at the Crawl Space and I knew at that point on that those Dadz are really something.

DOWNLOAD (with Dad permission only)




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23 04 2010

spread the word of the DAD

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