Ant Parade Releases

11 04 2010

-Ant Parade @ INC 2010. Photo by Dan McGuire

Ant Parade is a project that Brigid (from Tampa) has slowly started 2 years ago and has over time mastered her craft of lost soul sounds that enchant the darkness with light melodies and ethereal vocals. Her sets have always entranced the audience and it’s good to see some releases that came out over the course of the past 5 months. I’ve posted material of hers previously on here and an interview.


mini CDR


The 1st release was made for the ‘Beats and Creeps’ tour last winter that was a success. Solo projects galore. I listened to this CDR as soon as I was back home from my Christmas visit to Tampa and thought it was perfect for the cold, winter season that was surprisingly pretty chilly for Florida this year. Songs like ‘Ax of God‘ and ‘Despite Everything I Know’ sound like elegantly falling snow flakes through the desolate hours of the night, and I can just get an image of Ant Parade with her veil standing on top of a snowy mountain with a lantern that serves as a beacon for curing poisoned spirits. My favorite song off this release is ‘You’re Brave,’ which was recorded for the Adventure Hippies comp and probably the closest project I’ve heard that evokes the minimal electronic sound of Young Marble Giants. Full of breathing machines and pulsing shadows…. and speaking of machines…


mini CDR


For INC 2010, Cephia’s Treat released this baby in a fine package that features the studio version of ‘Despite Everything I Know,’ ‘Storm of The Season’ and ‘Ax Of God’ on a neon red mini CDR. The beginning of this listening takes you high into the clouds, but as the drum machine death rattle of ‘Storm of The Seasons’ chirps along with life-drained keyboards, the heights are taken down into dark dimensions but still retain a bit of hope at the bottom of the pit. The lyrics here are nothing but beautiful and poetic, and whatever the meaning, I feel it’s pretty real and passionate, always my favorite part of the artist and the art.

For ordering info check out Cephia’s Treat or e-mail Brigid at

-Ant Parade at Stardust, spring 2010. Video by Joshua Erikson.




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13 04 2010
Anyone out there using a machine for sleep apnoa? | SOUND MACHINES FOR SLEEP

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13 04 2010

You forgot to mention the Ant Parade / Body Rot Split 7″. It rules.

13 04 2010

Def, I was coming around to it for a post about Neon Blud. I guess it would make sense to have it with the Ant Parade post to make it less confusing. :/

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