22 04 2010

The end of the semester always kills me. I just want to relax, go to bed at decent hours, and start recording, drawing, and playing shows again with full ambition. Cyber-Swarm will briefly not be a college rock band over the summer and same with Alien Overworked. Until then, I’ll be doing posts like these until I can get my shit back together and talk about some fresh Florida releases and future happenings.


it’s such a sad thing, but not a bad thing, when something’s haunting your sacred scene.
and what’s the purpose of getting drunker when something’s missing the second time?
nothing changes how it used to be.
afraid to dismiss, we have to insist that broken windows aren’t broken hearts.
i found the secret: we’re bound to forget.
there’s a party on the east side, can i get a ride?




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