Doses of Awesome

6 05 2010

Ok, so this is another one of those ain’t nothin’ but youtube posts, but this time it’s nothing but Florida fiends hitting the right spots at the right time.

Here’s a dose of videos that Andrew Chadwick put together of footage from the last spot of the INC tour in Gainesville. I came there with the Orlando crew and (surprise surprise) we got there quite late…. nevertheless, we made it alive through a horrible thunder storm, flooded streets and a blackout through half of downtown. Blame it on God or blame it on the Squelchers.

International Noise Conference USA Tour 2010: Gainesville

a couple I selected:

-Gem of Skin (Orlando) by Monik Markus

-Laundry Room Squelchers by MM

-Alien Overmind playing ‘Enemy Responded’

-Alien Overmind playing ‘New Athens.’ Both videos by Chris Miller

Videos From Cafe Show #8

This show set up by Brigid was undoubtedly awesome. MLU’s last show (in awhile, not pulling a Jay-Z/Cher here, but awhile could mean a long time….), Lazy Magnet and some Florida legends played this night. Haves and Thirds’ set was dedicated to the death and legacy of Guru of Gang Starr and Skeleton Warrior had a new song up their sleeve which gave me the shrills of their skills of harsh beats with dance pop. I almost broke my glasses, AGAIN, but this time it was entirely my fault for getting a little too head throbbing during MLU’s wraith wrecking set. If you missed this you missed out! Here’s just the MLU footage but check out Brigid’s page for more.

-MLU @ Cafe Hey #8, Spring 2010. Video by Brigid




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