Fri May 21st

17 05 2010

For some, summer is over. For others, it has just begun. Either way, get a thing or two off your chest and feel the vibes from Tampa Bay as we welcome them with a couple of Orlando’s local weirdos and an all night DJ set from Skeleton Warrior’s Kipp.

Honey Heads – Kylie from Father Finger’s two piece group. They are on a Florida tour with H&T and will have a release out right in time.

Haves & Thirds – If Robert Smith started an instrumental golden age hip hop project, it wouldn’t be too off from the sweet sounds of H&T. Tampa icon/runner of Cephia’s Treat.

Brides of Borg – a new Orlando project of attitude, keyboards, drums, and tapes, telling you to practice safe hex this summer.

Free Drugs – let’s get metaphysical. Orlando trio (Gem of Skin, Sloweater, Craig Hand); the best of parallel worlds.

Alien Overmind – the soundtrack to dieing in space and gravity pulling your fragments towards a hunk of floating junk.

Synth heavy hits from Italo to High NRG will be provided by ‘The Count of Monte Disco.’

***Please bring a couple bucks for the touring bands***

Check out the Cephia’s Treat catalog for any merchandise purchases you may want to make on this night:

Also here’s an article I wrote about Haves and Thirds that also includes a downloadable introduction of his sound:

Alien Overmind download:




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