Friday May 28th

24 05 2010

Birthday party styled show for two special dudes Stephen Silber and Andy ‘Hustle and Flow’ Hess. So whether you like those cats or not, there’s some heavy hitters involved too that will make you feel just as blacked out as the party boys. Nothin’ but local Orlando band showcase.

Sleep On, Alligator – They wrecked and rolled, were banished away, and now they’ve returned back with their arsenal of noise punk damage. You like Gem of Skin? This is his band before he was left alone in Orlando purgatory.

Cyber-Swarm – Yeah yeah… we get the gimmick. Two nerds that take video game breaks to play on analog synths with drums and sometimes rant about becoming machines and being constantly out dated.

Jazzmatazz – “When you face the preacher, there’s only one thing to say:
Just skeep-beep de bop-bop beep bop bo-dope skeetle-at-de-op-day!” I heard Jive-n Jameson and Craig “Crooner” Hand have found a bassist on Bourbon St. in order to get themselves into higher paying gigs.

Choppers Out – Birthday boy won’t have his party any other way unless he can show Orlando his new solo project. Expect electronics or expect nothing.

Shadow Country – 3 people (2 returning from the Everglades) that have discussed a need for a dance band that may bust out this Friday as long as no one has been injected with too much venom.

last but not least….

The Count of Monte Disco was grooving too hard last week and apologizes for not making it to the Honey Heads show, so he’s making it up to only you Orlando by giving you only the best hits of a lost era of synth pop, Italo and High-NRG baby.

This show is FREE. There’s a chance there might even be something called ‘merch’ too. Which isn’t free.




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