Things I’ve Discovered Recently

31 05 2010

1. That Yello and Soft Cell KICK BUTT

…and trust me, I’ve always been into “Oh Yeah” and “Tainted Love” the moment I was born into the 80’s, but thanks to Jungle Jim who played some killer dance tracks the other night, I’ve been re-introduced into these guys. On top of that, any DJ set with some Chris and Cosey, Devo and Chrome spliced in can get me shaking like an all nighter with an electric socket.

2. Orlando…. really loves drums…. and I’m very intrigued why?

In my lifetime, I’ve seen good drummers and I’ve seen bad drummers; but now all I see are drummers. This ultimately opens the question; why? I don’t want there to be any pressure from thee drums for anyone to not want to start a drumless project or to not do anything that involves “quiet parts,” construction… ambience or above all a pre-conceived concept. Sometimes additions are more of a subtraction than you think, but hey, I’m just sayin… to be hard on myself I’m not too into using a drum machine for these same reasons.

3. Although I’m excited about the *keyword* possibilities with some cool Orlando projects floating around (especially the Jazzmatazz cats and the reunited Sleep On, Alligator), Tampa will always have a special place in my heart… and is the biggest influence on the things that I do.

-Honey Heads playing ‘Romeo’s Distress.’ @ Lou’s Summer 2010. Thanks to Andrea Knight

-Haves & Thirds, @ Lou’s Summer 2010. Video by Andrea Knight

4. Buying an amplifier and a better speaker is well worth the money… I’m hearing sounds I’ve never heard before on my synth, and after getting more recordings done I should have a built together set that I’d love to play over the summer (A Brides of Borg/Alien Overmind/Sloweater mini tour is in the works).

Thanks to all that played the shows I’ve set up recently and have donated or helped in any way! I had a blast.

Next show up on the list: Female Topics (featuring Jeff Zagers) on June 16th; show details in the works.




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