Female Topics In Orlando

6 06 2010

Freaks come out at night; picture goons wailing on saxes in altered streets, mutants playing on beat up casio synths in abandoned factories and phantom sirens luring decaying stars. What better way to enjoy a summer evening in Orlando, FL?

Female Topics – If ‘This Heat’ had a sax player and made a score to a dark stop-motion film, it would sound like the mood bending Female Topics. From Savannah/Philadelphia, featuring J. Zagers in their current line-up.


Ant Parade – Dreamy, airy vocals blended with dance beats from an assortment of breathing electronic equipment. From Tampa, FL.


S.H.V./Superior Human Vomit – The further you lurk in the swamp, the closer you get to the swamp witch. S.H.V. (1/2 of Swamp Tease) blends theatrics with 60’s girl group rock and a dash of Necronomicon.


Moon Dust Plus – Celestial drone that could of been made by a rejected angel with banished electronics/loop pedals. Tampa, Fl.

Jimmy Sanchez & His Crystal Ball – Super bummed about the end of the space race.. seeing there’s no hope left except for the swirling sequencer energy emitting from his magic orb. It tells him what to do… where to go next in a never ending drum machine pattern. (played at the last Triscults show, also from Tampa).

Still Cosby – Harsh ambience that hits like an infinite array of white lightning down your electrocuted spine. Featuring the dude from Gem of Skin and a dude from Jazzmatazz.

Then & Than – Reflection of man. Disaster freak that summons undead minimal synth sounds with casio and companion. Is this the future of industrialized humanity? TAMPA.



$2 Donation for touring band and some for out of towners. Bring cash for beer AND for awesome out of town music. Even a crust punk can do it.


-Then and Than




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