First Show Playlist

9 06 2010

-Yip-Yip @ Vulture Tower, Tampa 2005

Alright! So I have my own show now. It feels pretty good. There were some vinyl tracks I wanted to play like from the ‘Almost Invisible’ comp (off Cephia’s Treat) and the Body Rot/Ant Parade split but the needles for the record players were missing. Looks like I’ll have to bring my own. Also I’m going to pick up a cassette player and cue up some tapes that I mostly just jam to in my car. Anyways keep listening, I have plenty up my sleeve and this is just the beginning… For my next show I’m putting together some Orlando tracks that I haven’t played/am in the process of gathering together.

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ A.O.

Song Name Artist Album Label
Eutow 41 Autechre Tri Repetae Warp
Peep-hole 40 Guided By Voices Bee Thousand Matador
Let’s Explore 39(local) Haves And Thirds Believe What You Want But Don’t Believe It Here Cephia’s Treat
Close To Me (studio Demo) 38 The Cure The Head On The Door Outtakes Elektra
Macbeth Pt. 2 37(local)(new) Brides Of Borg Tape Demo Self-released
Bleech Party 36(local) Russian Tsarcasm 1 Kinky Noise
I Can Feel It On My Skin, Volunteer 35(local)(new) Russian Tsarlag Community Death Tube Night People
Sometimes I Feel 34 Yu We Are Yu Self Released
Punching For The Son Of Ann Jones 33(local) Yip-yip High Heel To Mammal Self-released
Follow Me And So 32 End Of Data Return Of Flexi-pop #8 Flexi-pop
Break Out 31 Drinking Electricity Oh Harry, You’re Such A Drag 1
Fauve Moderne (flexi-version) 30 4d A Tribute To Some Bizarre #1 Some Bizarre
Mission 29 Units Digital Stimulation Community Library
Nursing A Viper 28(local)(new) Teenage Triangle 1 Self Released
Bone Us 27 My Little Red Toe 1 Not Not Fun
Lazy Comet 26 Polvo Today’s Active Lifestyles Merge
Sterling Moss 25 Swirlies They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days Taang! Records
Yukhon 24 Vekh 1 Cephia’s Treat
Lowrex 23(local)(new) Deeyay Uh/black Craow Split Stay Away From Ghosts
Night Set 22(local)(new) Then & Than Bloodfest 2009 Live Things Nelson Records
Girls Don’t Count 21 Section 25 Always Now Factory Records
Once A Marine 20(local) Yukhonic 1 Cephia’s Treat
Popular Pigeon 19 Unicorn Hard-on An Investigation Of Feathers And Flight Cs 1
Day Set @ Mons Venus 18(local)(new) Shv Bloodfest 2009 Live Things Nelson Records
Poison Ivy 17 Futurisk Player Piano Self Released
Track 11 16(local) E.n. They Gave You A Name? Cephia’s Treat
Neighbor’s Knock 15(new) J. Zagers Adventure Hippies Comp Adventure Hippies
Garden 14(local)(new) Honey Heads Candy Crosses Black And Red
Soon 13 My Bloody Valentine Loveless Sire Records
What You Want (excerpt) 12 My Bloody Valentine Loveless Sire Records
Candy Crosses 11(local)(new) Honey Heads Candy Crosses Black And Red
Enterception 10 J Davey The Beauty In Distortion/the Land Of The Lost Interdependent Media
World Warrior 9(local) Gauntlet Legends All Teh Dank Unreleased
With Dirt And Two Texts (afternoon Version) 8 Prefuse 73 Security Screenings Warp
The Devil Is In The Details 7 Boards Of Canada Geogaddi Warp
I Saw Drones 6 Boards Of Canada Geogaddi Warp
Bufferin: ‘memories’ 5 Raymond Scott Rough Trade: Electronic Rough Trade Records
Take Your Shoes Off 4 Mindflayer Take Your Skin Off Load
Kick That Habit Man 3 Monte Cazazza The Worst Of Monte Cazazza Emi Europe Generic
Spiegelbild 2 Gorilla Aktiv Return Of Flexi-pop #05 Flexipop
Life Is Busy 1 Tone Set Calibrate Self Released



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