16 06 2010

-‘New Construct Frame of Mind’

Had some guest DJ’s during this set – Shalp_pan, Roxanne Carter and Ty-Spice. Some SAFG releases, Orlando projects, newly created show promos and of course plenty of Flexi-Pop. If you want to download the massive mix of minimal synth music that I play on this show often, you can find that off eggcityradio.com. I think for my next show I’m going to have a ‘spotlight’ on a particular local act and make it a habit for every future set to come. Also if you’d like to make a 10-30 second show promo (“Terminal Beach Party….WPRK…91.5”), I’d love to use it, just send an MP3 my way to sfuxan@gmail.com.

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ A.O.

Song Name Artist Album Label
Cardboard Lamb 39 Crash Course In Science Signals From Pier Thirteen 1
You Know My Steez 38 Dj Premier (gang Starr) Beats 2 Blaze Mics To 1
Nebula Eyes 37(local)(new) Alien Overmind The Nullifiers Self Released
Mina Hinoo 36 Eric Serra Fifth Element Soundtrack 1
Studebaker 35(local)(new) Patterns Studebaker Self-released
Untitled 34(local)(new) Uh Oh Spades (look What You’ve Done) Neon Filth SAFG
Untitled 33(local)(new) Uh Oh Spades (look What You’ve Done) Neon Filth SAFG
Journey To The Center Of Nigril 32 Fast Forward Vermiform Vermiform
Overdrive 31(local) My [left] Uterus Unreleased Safg
Doh The Bass 30(local)(new) Necros Of The Gods F*cking Friends Forever Comp Orlando
Across The Fence 29 Portion Control None Night Of Flexi-pop #1 Flexi-pop
Freestyle Dumping 28 Stereolab Rough Trade: Electronic Rough Trade Records
My Cherry Is In Sherry 27 Ludus The Damage Ltm
Disorder 26 Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Factory Records
Embers 25(local) Transit Mum Almost Invisible Cephia’s Treat
St. Elmo’s Fire 24 Brian Eno Another Green World Eg Records
Two Minute Song About Being Punk 23(local) What’s Yr Damage? Split W/puke Attack Black Lakes
Showroom Dummies 22 Harry Pussy Live Ten Inch 1
Where Have You Been All Of My Life 21(local)(new) Ant Parade Split With Lazy Magnet SAFG
The Winged Informant and Honey’s Hum 20(new) Jeff Zagers Split W/craow SAFG
Replicated Death State 19(local) Russian Tsarlag Music For The Crystal Ball Self-released
Icey Cooley 18 Boards Of Canada Twoism Warp
Terminator Lake 17(new) Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts Not Not Fun
Downsyndrome 16(local) E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Childcraft 15(local)(new) Gem Of Skin F*cking Friends Forever Orlando
Dy|ua Think I_m Sexy 14 Hybrid Kids None Night Of Flexi-pop #01 Flexi-pop
My Son Cool 13 Guided By Voices Alien Lanes Matador
Action Vs. Vibe 12 Polvo Today’s Active Lifestyles Matador
Slow 11 My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise Creation
I Throw Punches 10 Friz Be Tribute To Bizarre #04 Bizarre
Don’t Smoke In The Basement 9(local)(new) Roofless 1 Humid Tapes
Convincing People 8 Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats Mute
Taking In The Summer 7 Higher Primates Higher Primates 7” Self Released
Dreams Never End 6 New Order Movement Factory Records
The Future Now 5 Psychic Youth None Night Flexi-pop #1 Flexi-pop
Egyptian Assassin 4 Men’s Recovery Project Bolides Over Basra Vermiform
Happy Funeral 3 Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons None Night Of Flexi-pop #2 Flexi-pop
What You Think 2(local) Haves & Thirds I Thought You Told Me You’re Combing Your Hair Kinky Noise
Demolished 1 Unwound The Future Of What Matador



One response

20 06 2010

Damn boy, I played the You Know my Steez remix on my third (fill in) show!

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