Tatsuya Nakatani & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji summer tour

22 06 2010

Orlando welcomes two way out of town experimental acts (from Japan and Glasgow, Scotland) to Stardust Video along with some local weirdos:

Early show!

$5 for touring bands

Tatsuya Nakatani (japan) – Japanese free-percussionist lets loose on roots that create spine tingling shatter like an unforgiving tsunami.


Blue Sabbath Black Fiji (glasgow) – guitar duo that sometimes sound like they’re floating in deep space (think Growing) while other times make hard hitting dance beats that pull you into orbit.


SSLOT – they get all of the dirty work behind the scenes in their respected rock bands and decided to put their minds and drums together, like entering into brutal repression as the beat is unleashed.

Gem of Skin – death, rattle and roll. Smear blood on your eyelids and hold your breath.

Southern Nights




One response

25 06 2010
jeremy harris

i strongly recommend this show and urge any reader of this blog to go.

i would like it if you said hello to bs/bf from me, “that lazy magnet guy”…

also, my friends in female topics told me about how hard florida is killing it now.. orlando and tampa, they said made the trip.. there could have been no other shows and it would have been worth it…


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