07/07/10 Playlist

7 07 2010

‘Young in Orbit’ -SF

Today’s playlist. Sean Halpin called and complained about synthesizers and wanted to hear a song with guitar. Played tons of cassettes through a boombox including new songs by Ant Parade, Table, Lazy Magnet, Dadz, Mouse Queen, and some Tampa classics. The band VVAQRT (the dark synth punk song) is a band that might be touring down to Florida during fall and Outmode will be playing here in Orlando on July 23rd at Stardust. More details and special tracks to come! And no I don’t know how to record the show (would you like to?). If any of this info is incorrect e-mail me right away to sfuxan@gmail.com and also 20 sec show jingles are encouraged.

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Sex Theft 41(local)(new) Dadz Hat Creek 1
Cosmic (inst) 40(local)(new) Out Mode Outmode/unicorn Hard-on Split Safg
Slip 39 Autechre Amber Warp
Sketch For Summer 38 The Durutti Column The Return Of The Durutti Column Factory Records
Nova Scotia Robots 37 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes Warp
Small Talk Stinks 36 Bauhaus In The Flat Field 4ad
Lift The Skye 35(local)(new) Mouse Queen Attached Hands/mouse Queen Split Post Records
Dog Opera 34(new) Lazy Magnet Untitled Safg
Vacuum 33 Gang Gang Dance Saint Dymphna Warp
Goodbye Girls 32 Broadcast Tender Buttons Warp
The Walk 31 The Cure Japanese Whispers Sire
Pt-1 30(local) E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Lavish Styles 29(local) Outmode Outmode/unicorn Hard-on Split Safg
Organ Suite 28(local) Outmode Outmode/unicorn Hard-on Split Safg
12th Cent 27(local) Deeyay Wreck Safg
Winners 26 Yoshinori Kawamoto Burning Force Sega Genesis
Forgiveness Is Easier To Ask For Than Permission25(local) Fas’ners Split With Limplungs Cephia’s Treat
Kinetic (orbital Mix) 24 Golden Girls Kinetic 1
To The Other Side 23 A Guy Called Gerald Automanikk Columbia
Warm Leatherette 22 The Normal Death Disco (songs From Under The Floorboards 1
Sherman’s Wake 21(local)(new) Father Finger S/t Cephia’s Treat
$.17 20(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Catholic Block 19 Sonic Youth Sister Geffen
Silent Command 18 Cabaret Voltaire The Original Sound Of Sheffield ’78/’82 Mute
Dub Creek Remix 17(local)(new) Dadz Hat Creek 1
I’ll Ask Cameron For This Later 16(local)(new) Dadz Hat Creek 1
Please Allow Him To Bump Thee (instrumental) 15(local) Haves & Thirds A Great Crusade To Stamp Out Runaway Decency In The West Obelisk Sounds
1/2s And 1/3s 14(local) E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Knotthead 13(local) E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Yellow Blood 12 K. Kusafuka Return Of Flexi-pop #9 Flexi-pop
Appeal To Them 11 Tone Set Oh Harry, You’re Such A Drag! 1
12 10(new) White Ring Cheapo Records Comp Cheapo Records
Where Have You Been All Of Your Life? 9(local)(new) Ant Parade Ant Parade/lazy Magnet Split Safg
Final Day 8 Young Marble Giants Young Colossal Youth Les Disques Du Crepuscule
Blue Vibes Ballad Of Craow 7(local) Craow Uh Oh Spades/craow Split Safg
Light Pilot6(new) Table Neighbor’s Knock Mutual Deterioration
Madhatter 5 Moev The Early Years Go! Records
Melancholy Descriptions Of Simple 3d Environments 4 Oneohtrix Point Never Scenes With Curved Objects Upstairs
Cruenta Voluptas 3 Non Easy Listening For Iron Youth Mute
1 2(local)(new) Turmoiled Functions Cheapo Records Comp Cheapo Records
Drop The Ground 1(local)(new) Mouse Queen Attached Hands/mouse Queen Split Post Records



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