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12 07 2010

What’s coming up on the horizon? Well, there’s lots of shows that are currently being booked; the Outmode/Diamond Hymen show is already listed below, but here’s the next couple of shows happening here in Orlando:

Aug 1st

Rotten Apples “are 3 wave jumpers, members of dreamhouse, debo band, life partners, bone rattle, night moves, etc..”

Brad (of Gem of Skin) has this show at his control so more details soon. There’s a possibility this might be a release party for a couple of local Orlando acts if we get those tunes prepared before Bloodfest.

Aug 5th

Tonstartssbandht – Former Orlando dudes coming back to home grounds and with homeboy spirits
Sleep On, Alligator
Dark Sea of Awareness
Chopper’s Out

Aug 6th

Lots of out of towners are making their way down to Florida for Bloodfest and will be stopping by Central Florida for this. Nelson, Erikson and me are getting this one together, so stay tuned for changes/additions to this line up. Will be super solid, hopefully everyone will retain their energy for the next day.

Two Years on Stimulants
Lad Mag M
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn
Cop City/Chill Pillars
Gem of Skin
Alien Overmind
Brides of Borg
Step Outside the Window and Fly
Chopper’s Out
Mr. Transylvania

plus more?

Aug 12th/Aug 13th

Skeleton Warrior (going on tour)
Moon Dust +
Still Cosby

Upcoming Releases for Bloodfest:

Alien Overmind – The Nullifiers cdr
Choppers Out/Alien Overmind split – Altered Streets tape
Sleep On, Alligator/Cyber-Swarm split mini CDR
Brides of Borg tape

possibly more as well. I hope!

Miscellaneous News:

I’m going to clean up the downloads section because most of the DL’s on the sites are down (I think?) and there’s a lot from the fall/winter months that never got posted on there. Also I think I know how I’m going to record my radio show, there’s a cord form the soundboard and as long as it doesn’t mess with the broadcast I’ll be able to obtain the show as a whole and archive it. Putting together fliers and future songs now…



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