DANCE PARTY w/Outmode, Diamond Hymen, Deeyay + more

12 07 2010

For those with unrequited summer fulfillment, there’s only one thing left to do: DANCE. Put your cares away and party at the Dust like there’s no tomorrow with an awesome assortment of booty shaking drum machines, vocoder lullabies, synthesizer take over and a DJ duo for back up and beats.

Outmode – You might of seen him at a recent dance party with fellow Tampa acts at Lou’s; now he’s on tour with Diamond Hymen. Minimal tech groundwork that works its way towards radiating body music.

Diamond Hymen – Synthtress that brings to mind skating rink strobe light dreams. Let it take over your every move until it’s time to wake up.

Deeyay – Currently slowing down the BPM in favor of pierced ambient skies leading towards space voyages. Merging electronic styles has always been his forte so anything’s possible in the beyond.

download for ‘GUTS/GOLD’:

download for ‘Look What You’ve Done (Neon Filth)’:

+ DJ Weedleaf and DJ A.O. crossfading decades of dance grooves and one more possible act.


$3 for the acts on the road gets you in and is greatly appreciated.

Here are some more links:



-Diamond Hymen @ Lou’s spring 2010. Video by verdezap




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12 07 2010
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